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1960 license plate year insert

Guest Richie09

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Guest Richie09

I don't know what State issued this. I found it while cleaning behind seat in on of my trucks, vauge recollection of it comming from the '41 I bought in VT.

If you could use it, talk to me and I am sure we can work out something.

measures 1 13/16 inch wide, 1 1/8 high without the tabs



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Guest Richie09

I think you are right about it being WI. This truck has WI Farm plate still on it. I must have been cleaning it up when I found this tag insert behind the seat.

The plate on it (WI Farm 96683...1967) does not have a tab insert for the year.

Just a side note: the title is lost on this truck, though I have bills of sale from previous two owners, I would dearly like to know who has the title. Last year I sent the fee to WI Registration Fee Trust in order to find out who it was last registered to along with the serial number, they could not find it in their database. Any suggestions on how to track down this title appreciated.

Thanks, Rich


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