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1960 Buick Front Bumper for sale

Guest ChassismanSteve

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Guest ChassismanSteve

This bumper should fit a 1960 Invicta or Lesabre judging by photos I've seen online. I'm sure some of you guys will know what other models if any. I'm not looking to gouge anybody on the price but I have 2 kids to feed and the race/custom car building biz has slowed down a lot in the last 2 years! Less guys with extra money for toys, I can't imagine why. Anyway,this bumper is in very nice condition as far as I can see . Of course it will need rechromed if it's going on your show car. It has some small bent areas on the inside lips where the bumper jack probably was used a time or 2. I'm sure I could straighten these out no problem. The marker lights are still in there as well. I can provide pictures if anybody is interested. Am I out of my mind thinking this big bumper is worth $300. Let me know(No Profanity, Please). Message Me here or call 330 354-9606. Thanks, Steve

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