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Skinned Knuckles magazines

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I am thinning out my old car magazines. I have 121 Skinned Knuckles Magazines. Vols. 24, 26, 28, and 29 are complete. Some Vols. have 11 issues and the others less. They go back as far as 1990 and as late as 2008. They are in good condition with a lot of good stuff in them about restoring cars and some history of automotive systems.

$100 for all plus the flat rate postage fee from the Post Office. I doubt they would all fit in one box. I will find out the postage.

Thanks; Jim43 dstamp4@comcast.net

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Hi Tom;

I looked Sylvester Roper up in the " Catalog of American Cars 1802-1942" Interesting guy. I wonder if he was related to the " Roper Revolving Shotgun" inventor of the same period.

He is the kind of obscure guy they like to put in Skinned Knuckles and always an interesting addition, but I can't recall if he is in there anywhere. There are quite a few to do a manual search. I wonder if there is a master index anywhere. Jim

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