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NOW PARTING: '89 Black/Tan Coupe


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Well, I thought I was going to fix this one up, but problem after problem kept cropping up, and add those to the high-milage (235k), and the fact that I dropped it off the trailer while unloading.. I've just decided to part it out.

Anyways, here's what I've got:

'89 Black/Tan coupe. 235k, 16-ways, no sunroof. New paint.

It's an ok car, turns over, but doesn't start (need a fuel pump I think). Front brakes are locked up. front bumper is as good as gone.

If someone wants to buy and restore, price is $1200.

Some pics coming this evening. Better pics by Friday.

16-ways are spoken for, but otherwise, it's a complete car!

Send me an email at Marck@EastCoastReattaParts.com or call at 919.233.1973 if you want any parts off this car.


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