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Model A/B SIDE DRAFT dual carb manifold. Leads?

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Dear Friends: At Hershey I bought a matached set of 1936-47 Riley side draft carbs. Made by George Riley of Riley 2 and 4 port head fame. The carb mounting plate is 2 3/8 inch across and the inside hole is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I want to mount these on a Model A/B engine. Thus I need to find an original or repro dual carb side draft manifold that will fit an A/B. I do not wish to sell the carbs. Leads appreciated! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email: gnalbright@gmail.com PS I have photos avail. by email. The forum would not let me upload my photos,but I can email them to you.

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