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I can't find a book on repairing 31 ford a interior

Guest cyrus

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Can any one tell me if their is a book that shows the in's and outs of a 1931 ford model a interior. I can not find any thing on how to install new head liners or inside upholstery its like it's a big secret. thanks

Jim Brennan (beeshive@att.net)

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Have you checked with Chris at the AACA Library and Research Center? If you are a member of the National AACA you get 1.5 hours of free research each year. Copies can be had at a nominal charge.

Here is the link to the contact information for Chris at the Library and Research Center. It also contains the on-line form to request the information you are seeking. Hopefully they will have the information you need. :)

AACA Library

You may want to also post your question on the Ford Model A Forum found here.


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Long ago in a different world, there was a guy named Stitts who put out publications on installing interiors...anyone remember?

These days, the best deal on Model A interior is to look at a kit from Lebaron Bonney, comes with instructions and fairly easy, with patience, to install.

There are also a lot of books, newer and older, on upholstery techniques for older cars.

If you have a specific question, email me at David.Coco@hphood.com, the moniker trimacar is not in jest.....

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Once again, try the Model A forum on Fordbarn. I hate to send people away from this site but the formost experts on Model As dwell there. One guy named Marco Tartarus has a site linked to the barn where you can get questions answered from practically any section of the car. Just like in judging,while AACA does very well,they have to spread out their knowledge over all cars while the individual clubs can concentrate on their specific makes.

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