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Buick Hood Emblem Restoration


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Just got this finished today and even if I do say so myself, I think it turned out really good so I thought I would share with the forum. It started out as in the first picture, completely faded by time with almost no color at all left on it. I decided to try and restore it myself after seeing that a replacement would cost $100-$150. I cleaned it up and painted the blue squares with metallic blue Testor paint. I then took some silver leaf and cut out what seemed like a billion tiny diamond shapes. I then applied the "size", which is what they call the adhesive for gold/silver leaf, and pressed each and every diamond shape onto the emblem and removed the paper backings. I then put 3 light coats of VHT red tail light spray paint on the back of the emblem. I finished up by putting a few coats of plasti-cote clear coat spray paint on the back to keep the gold leaf from flaking off and seal the whole thing up. I think it came out great. It's not show perfect, but neither is my car and it looks vintage. I was able to do this all for about $20 and around 4 hours of work. It would have cost a little more, but I had a lot of the materials on-hand already. It still saved me a lot of cash and that's definitely a good thing! I wanted to do this to my trunk handle "Dyna Flow" inserts too, but they have too many stress cracks in the lenses. Even if I did do it, you couldn't see it for the cracks. Anybody have some old faded ones lying around they'd like to donate to the cause?:D







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Nice job Robert! I like the translucence of the red.

Reminds me of a few years ago, I think in the early 90's, when I painted the center of my 56 Hubcaps with some of my wifes nail polish. there must be a few hundred variations, ever so subtle, of that stuff.


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Looks good John! That VHT tail light paint was expensive but it works really well. The color came out really good and it keeps the translucence really good as well if you don't put too many coats on.

Mike, if lancemb doesn't want to sell his I have a complete emblem that I'll sell you. Keep in mind it's not in nearly as good of shape as lance's. The emblem is colorless and all the chrome is gone from the bezel. There's pitting too, but it would probably be a good candidate for re-chroming. Let me know if you need it as it's just hanging on my shop wall for looks at the moment. I just found a picture of it. I'll put it up on here.


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Sure I'll sell it; I was going to list it on Ebay anyway. Without having to mess with doing that I'll sell it for $30 shipped Priority Mail to continental U.S. If interested you can email me or send Paypal payment (just include note and address) at lancemb48@hotmail.com & my Ebay name is alleslmb if you want to see my feedback, no worries.

:DIm just a LITTLE late with this , but do you or are you still doing the emblems? im very interested in what you have, thanks:D

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To Robert & lancemb: I have just realized I don't need one, I have 2 already.

So any of you guys out there that need one, have at them!!

Thanks anyway.

To Robert: great job!! You must have a good steady hand & a lot of patience!!

Cheers, Mike

Mike do you still have any ? or access to any, tks:D

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[B]I have vinyl decals which refurbish the plastic to near NOS appearance if anyone is interested. Cost a penny or two to have made, but they do the job. This center plastic piece is becoming pretty scarce, but if you have one that is all faded these decals are the answer. They are for '53 only.Bill[/b]

I am a little surprised there is not more interest in these......

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on my Olds, For the crazing (stress cracks) I rubbed armour-all into the cracks. I would last a week or two. Then I would re-apply.

That gives me an idea.

I had some really watery clear epoxy two part resin a few years ago, perhaps it would run into the cracks as your armour-all does, only be more permanent.

Now, just to remember where I got it!! LOL


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Hey Guys, any updates???

 I am retired now and living in Jamaica where it is warm year round!!

 But, no Woodies in sight!!

 I sold all to come here to spend my golden years with my Jamaican wife, June...no regrets, but do miss those old Woodies!!!

 Update me, OK???

 Cheers, Mike

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