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Engine woes

Iain M.

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The engine's out of my 47 LC now & several ugly problems have been discovered. Apparently who ever did the engine 30 or so years ago put 7 pistons in backwards, resulting in severe scoring of the cylinder walls. 4 cylinders already have sleeves in them. They also didn't torque down the intake manifold properly & it is cracked in five places. The crankshaft is also in need of machining, but has already been turned down 20 thou.

So I need to find bearings that are 40 over, or another crankshaft -plus a new intake manifold.

Anybody know of someone who might have these??

Any help appreciated. Iain in Campbell River

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Guest frenchy dehoux

You may want to try Eggee Machine in Santa Fee Springs Calif they carry all sizes other wise if you can locate Earl Brown.


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Thanks Doug. I think I've located what I need so far - Alan Whelihan has .040 bearings , and a gentleman from the forum has an NOS intake manifold he's willing to part with. Still waiting for the full shopping list from my engine guy. Will call if he finds something else. Iain.

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