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28-29 headlight rims

Steve Suttle

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I have a pretty nice Tudor that has a well-maintained older restoration.

The car has lots of original (non-repro) goodies including an original radiator shell and headlight buckets that were re-plated in the correct nickle finish.

I have oft wondered about the headlight rims. Are they supposed to be chrome finish, nickle finish, or were they an early HF experiment in stainless steel?

Any thoughts?

PS the build date on this car is Aug. 27, 1929.


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From all of my reading, in 1928 they would have been nickel plated. In 1929, they would have also been most likely nickel plated. There were some in 1929 that were chrome plated, but by 1930, Ford decided to go to the "Rustless Steel" and abandoned the idea of chrome plating headlight shells and other brightwork.

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Thanks so much for the replies.

I think my headlight rims are probably chrome plated over steel.

A magnet will stick to them and there is very slight evidence of pitting. They are still very nice so I suspect they are re-pops. They just look so much brighter than the nickel buckets. I wanted to be sure before I get another pair and have them plated in nickel to match the buckets and the shell.

Thanks again.

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