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I would go back with a portable power station and power the car up. If the Instrument Cluster/CRT/Headlight/Wiper pods light up I would take that. Check in the trunk and grab the EBCM and if equiped the compass module. Also the following, ECM, BCM, CCRT, Radio, Then at the front/rear wheels, the ABS sensors if so equipped w/Teves. Go under the hood and grab the pump and motor also if Teves eqiped.

What I typically pay is $10.00 each for the following; Headlight, Wiper pods, ABS sensor leads, EBCM.

$5.00 for the Compass Module, Radio, CCRT, Headlight Control Module.

$20.00 for the rest; Instrument cluster, CRT,ECM, BCM.

The Teves pump and motor is worth up to $30.00 Also check for made in Belgium stickers on the Accumilator and pressure switch, if there grab them Don't pay more then $10.00 each on those either.

You could also grab the woodgrain trim panels [No more then $25.00]

Then come to the forum and sell it for about 3-5 times what you paid for it.

You will find that if you explain that these parts are off a 22 year old car and you have really no way of testing them until they are on your car they will go cheap. They really have no idea [other the the instrument cluster what you are buying and they really only want to sell steel,

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