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Guest arnierenna

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Guest arnierenna


I am replacing the front lower control arm bushings on my 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. I have removed the bushings but need some advice regarding the pressing in of the new ones.

The bushings that I have are 2.2"long , 1.52" under shoulder to end , 1.41 dia 1.45dia under shoulder. The step under the shoulder is .21" long.

When I place the bushings over the pivot shaft the measurement between the bushings shoulder is 12.34" but the measurement between the shoulder hole on the control arm is 13".

My question, Have I got the right bushings?

Do the bushings have to be pressed down to the shoulder?

Will the extra 1/4" compress?

Thank you for any advice.


Arnie Renna


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Guest rsd9699

The bushings are a press fit. Govmo recommended using a spreader to keep from bending things. And a press. I used a large 3/4 inch nut, bolt, some large washers and some exhaust pipe to press the bushings out and new bushings in. If you hammered them out you may have sprung the arms a little. I would expect them to pull back into position. Then have an alignment to get it in spec.


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