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Salvage operation


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Went back in May to see what's there. It is badly mangled complete with the requisite bullrt holes and shotgun blast. Amazingly enough there is some salveageable stuff there. Driver's side doors are good among other things. Fender wells, sidemount hardware, regulators, one inner fender. Warrants further investigation.








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Guest dokks6t9
That's what I started out to find last winter when the owner of the lands on either side of the "road" where the car is said that it had been there as long as he remembers. It is sitting on public lands.

Just saying there might be an owner somewhere, but it doesn't sound like they are interested in her at all, if they are still kickin'.I've seen people get their butts kicked because they were taking parts off of "abandoned cars. But then again, I've had people say, "help yourself". You just have to be mindful of what you do..

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