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79 Century Turbo THIS IS A RARE ONE

Guest BJM

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Kind of...but like the Roadhawk, I would be more concerned about the trim that was specific to ths model. For that, they only made about 1600 rear spoilers, special rims, etc.

But the first gen turbo 3800's, they were available in many 78-80 Buicks (LeSabre, Century, Regal) and can be located.

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This sounds like one of the ad's Bernie was talking about. Original turbo V6- gone- Original trans- gone. Buy the 455 and turbo 400 that was in there for xtra...have all the hard to find parts except the rear bumper filler... 2.56 rear axle.

The scary thing is he's about to bastardize a 67 GS 400 convertible now.

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Guest buickapollo455

asking for coupe body, want for a 455 implant car. have a roadhawk and Apollo455 now hatch tent sunroof car. , Have wanted turbo coupe car century, but did not want to hurt an original with motor. If motor and trans are gone, what are you asking where, etc. I am in Minneapolis iced in right now.

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