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53 or so Buick vin tag pictures


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I am looking at buying a 53 Riviera.

I was wondering if any one had some pics of a 1953 (or some thing close) Buick Serial number/ VIN tag. I am looking a at 53 Buick and the door tag does not look right to me. I am told that the door tag does not necessarily matter since they are screwed on and could easily be changed. The one that is most important is the number on the fram rail. Any pics of the frame rail numbers would also be appreiated.

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Not sure if I completely understand your question here, but the number on the tag should match the number stamped on the frame rail.

I know that the door pillar tag and the frame numbers should match, and they do.

I was hopinig to get some pictures of tags and frame numbers so I can see what they look like, for reference.


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Guest martylum

Truck-Do you have a name? I have a 53 Roadmaster all apart and would be willing to verify the number style and size of numbers and the serial # screw on tag if you will e-mail me pics and dimensions of your number height and tag size. Better use a caliper for accurate dimensions.

Martin Lum

1953 Roadmaster

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If you are saying that the door pillar tag number and frame number match, what makes you suspect ".....that the door tag doesn't look right to me......" ? Is it the font of the numbers that you question?

The door pillar tag (aka VIN # or SERIAL #) should be a stamped aluminum plate, 3 1/4" long and 3/4" high, with EIGHT numbers.....with a stamped overscore and underscore (horizontal line) 3" long (not the entire 3 1/4" length) with a 1/16" margin from the top and bottom edges.....and TWO 1/8"-diameter screw holes 2 7/8" on center. The first and last numbers should have a 1/2" margin in from the left and right edges, all EIGHT numbers taking up 2 1/4" of the 3 1/4" length of the plate.

The height of the numbers on the tag are 3/8" high, whereas, the height of the numbers stamped in the front left frame rail are 1/4" high. The fonts DO NOT MATCH.

How does your tag differ? Let us know.

Al Mack

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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I am looking at buying a 53 Riv. I do not have any pics of the pillar tag.The numbers were located off center, more to the left side.

I was really hoping to get some pics of frame numbers and pillar tags to use as a comparison.

Thanks for the replies, Rick in Michigan

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