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PATTERN WOOD for 1946- 1948 ford sportsman

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Guest Jim_Edwards

ANY old pattern wood for 1946 - 1947 ford sportsman.. ANY wood at all regardless of condition!!!

I suspect you'll have to be making your own patterns from drawings. There was book published several years ago that had all he dimensions. Sorry, I forget the exact title but it is a hardback book with a red cover and gold letters. It may have been titled "The Early Ford V8" but I'm not sure. I have seen copies of it show up on ebay.

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Guest ehawk

I may be able to help. We built sets of wood for the Ford Sportsman about 20 years ago. Built about 10 sets. Some were installed by us and others sold as sets and installed by other restoration shops. We still have some parts, some patterns as well as equipment for manufacture. I believe we still have a couple of plywood trunk lids. I'm not even sure what we have...its been years since I have looked at it. We are located outside of Toronto, Canada


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