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Ford Ranger

Ben Bruce aka First Born

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Hi, Guys,

I know this question is not about an antique, but bear with me. My son has a '96 ranger, four cyl with five speed stick. He is having trouble getting it into 1st& 2nd. I kinda know what the problem is, but have never been inside one of these. Does any one have pictures or can some one direct me to some info on this tranny?



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I have the same setup in my '96 Ranger. There were a number of 5 speed transmissions used ( Ford Ranger Manual Transmissions at The Ranger Station ), but the 2wd 4 cyl. 1996s like mine used the Mazda M50D-R1 setup. They're known for losing their slave cylinders, causing symptoms similar to what you describe (often including problems in reverse as well).

There are a mind-boggling plethora of Ranger communities supporting these trucks. Here are a few examples you can search for information (I've probably used all of them over the years at one time or another):

The Ranger Station - Your Ultimate Ranger Resource


Ford Ranger Forum - The Ultimate Ford Ranger Resource

Ford Ranger Forum - Ford Truck Fans

Ford Ranger Forums

(Can you believe that a vehicle with this much support is about to be discontinued with no replacement?:rolleyes::()

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