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Just out cruisin'


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Me and my buddy are just out for an afternoon ride in the Beamer with the top down, when he suddenly says "We should be looking for some old cars". My sudden reply is "Stop and back-up one house." Low and behold there's one! So we do what every good antique auto hunter would do and stop to talk to the owner who just happens to be in his drive rocking away in his chair chewin on some straw. Well after some small chit chat, I says " So what ya gonna do with that Dodge". His response would be the normal answer we all have heard. That it belonged to his uncle and he had plans to restore. And that we could probably not afford to buy it because it was such a rare car. :confused: Well me and my friend just continued on our afternoon trip both smiling and confused.:cool:



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Guest De Soto Frank

Looks like he's located within "civilization"... wonder how long his neighbors / municipality have been after him to clean-up all that junk...

I hope that DB finds salvation some day...

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