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New podcast featuring Donny Conn of The Playmates

Guest Gone Autos

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Guest Gone Autos

Hi, classic car fans.

Todd Ruel here from the orphan car web site Gone Autos.

Sorry to post in a forum for videos, but I couldn't find a forum for audio content.

I've just published a new podcast featuring Donny Conn, a member of the 1950's group The Playmates.

Donnie talks about the history of the band and the story of their biggest hit "Beep Beep." He reveals one major mind-blowing, soul-crushing, myth-busting secret: "Beep Beep" wasn't actually written about the Nash Rambler.

If you love 1950's music and want to learn more about this novelty group that was part of the dawn of rock and roll, check out my podcast. It's fast. It's fun. And it's the right price: free.

Here's the link: Gone Autos: Podcasts

----Todd Ruel

The Top Wrench, Gone Autos: Tools for Living the Orphan Car Life

P.S. If you want to see some great videos, check out all the great orphan car clips I have on my YouTube channel. (I collect this stuff and have gathered tons of films this past decade.) Just search for my channel name: promotodd. You won't be disappointed.

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