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Correct Antifreeze


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If you do a search for antifreeze on this site you will find a thread dealing with modern antifreeze posted by trp3141592 on 11/7/2010. The main information in the post in my opinion is:

"Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should an "Extended Life" antifreeze, which utilizes Organic Additive Technology (OAT, H-OAT, or N-OAT) as one of its chemicals, ever be used in our cars over 10 years old. It attacks the gaskets and gasket cements in our cars, causing major leaks and forcing ultra-expensive repairs. The "Silver Ghost Association" Rolls Royce people have documented massive cooling system failures apparently caused by this anti-freeze product.

Antifreeze that can be used safely in our cars uses older-fashioned Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) additive. You cannot tell by the color of the antifreeze if it's safe to use."

I use (Original Formula Green Peak Antifreeze), but there are many other opinions and choices.

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