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Where does the weight come from?


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So I'm pondering the weight of my Riviera. I've always thought the car looked vaguely like a '67 GTO so I thought I'd compare the specs between the two.

As far as body dimensions go the Riviera is around 2in longer (probably due to the 2in longer wheelbase) and about the same wider. However the weight difference is quite a bit more, a GTO hardtop is only 3430lbs while the Riviera is 4200lbs! That's almost half a ton! While I realize the Riviera is packing a bit more in the way of luxury, i.e. sound deadening, power seat, one of the most complex electrical systems outside of a Caddy, but is that really where 800lbs comes from? I'm thinking the X-frame is just a lot heavier than the perimeter c-channel frame of the GTO.

Anyone else care to follow me down this rabbit trail?


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