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1951 Vin Tag

Guest Trzbme

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The car did not come with a title so throwing out what I have. The first photo is the body # on the firewall. Second is a tag on the drivers door jamb. Is the first the VIN when I go to title it? What is the second door number?

Thanks in advance.



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Also, plan is to restomod or hot rod this a bit based on the condition. I am disposing of the front end/suspension if anyone needs anything. Also the rear end itself. Instruments, and some other treasures.

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The tag on the door is the serial number which is the closest thing to a VIN you'll find on the car.

In that era there were three different numbers on Plymouths: Serial number (used by Chrysler to track the car. Also used by some states to register the car), engine number (used by some states to register car) and body number on firewall (basically no useful modern use for that number). See Plymouth First Decade: Where is the VIN? for the details.

The serial number on your tag says implies:

Serial Number 24042249

Found in range 24042001 to 24056628

Serial 249 of 14628

Year 1951

Make Plymouth

Model Name Concord

Model Code P22

Plant Evansville

Engine 6 cylinder 217.8 cu.in. L-head

Wheelbase 111 inches

Things like engine and wheelbase are implied because all P22 Plymouths came that way.

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