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Jeffery automobile


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I am trying to do a little research on the Jeffery automobile and need more places to look. I talked to the Library yesterday (Mr Ritter was very good) and will connect there today I hope. Other than that I only have the info in the 'Standard Catalog' so far. If anyone has owner experience with one that would be great info too.

I am curious about their worm drive rear axle introduced in 1915.


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Look for a late-1914 or 1915 issue of MoToR, Automobile Topics, Motor Record, or Automobile magazines;

they delved into new technical developments in great detail. If the AACA Library doesn't have the info,

try the NAHC (Detroit Public Library), or the Automotive Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Happy hunting,


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Thank you all for the GREAT reading material! I did not know of Google books as a tool but will use it now.

I like the the idea of the worm gear having quiet operation, also all the specs on the car in the Motor Age article. Seemed like a solid car for the era.

Are there any Jefferys left? In my thirty+ years around the hobby I have never seen one. The production figures were quite high in the SC, north of 10K, so I would think a few would be around. Maybe more in the Midwest I guess?

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