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DB carburetor adjustment.

Steve Suttle

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If you are using an aftermarket electric fuel pump, you will have to regulate the pressure down to approximately 1 pound.

If you are using the original vacuum tank, make sure that the vacuum inlet valve to the vacuum tank is not leaking fuel directly into the intake manifold.

If neither of the above solves the problem, remove the bowl cover, remove the float, and test for leaks. The float may be heavy with fuel; or if the carburetor has no fuel, the float may be tested by submerging in hot water. The hot water will pressurize the air inside, and any leak will blow a stream of bubbles.


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For the record, the car is equipped with a S-W vacuum tank.

And also for the record a 360 degree twist of that knurled knob did the trick.

I also set the idle down a bit and the car actually runs smoothly for the first time since I bought it a year ago.

Thanks as always for the help.

Now, on to the running boards (I've never worked with linoleum before!)

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