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T Motorhome

Dave Mellor NJ

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This picture,posted on The Old Motor | Old car photos today shows an early motor home (motorhouse?) complete with a lawn and porch. It's driven from the back porch

Model-T-Motor-Home-600x444.jpgCharles Miller of Ogden, Oregon, built this most creative motor home with its own lawn. Miller had visited every state in the Union according to this press photo dated Sept. 6, 1929. The caption goes on to tell us that the grass had to be cut frequently. The banner on the rear most panel tells us, Road courtesy costs nothing….Pays lots. The Old Motor photo.

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Agree with Frank. It looks like there is a half-elliptic spring peaking out under the frame in the rear--would be one on each side. Model T only used the single transverse-mounted spring. Also, Model T (unless aftermarket added) didn't have the brace on the rear axle.

It is a great shot--would be fun to have one of these today. The 1928 (think got the year right) GMC motorhome at Hershey this year is the big brother.

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