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Garage Floor Mats-Opinions?

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I'm considering purchasing some heavy duty garage floor mats made by G-Floor. Garage Floor Protection And Covering Mats - Better Life Technology, LLC This product is not cheap and I'd like to hear from anyone who has already installed these mats or other similar product.

I use my garage for work space as well as storage space so I want something that will hold up to a floor jack and other abuses.

The mats are available in a variety of textures including diamond tread and "coin" pattern which I really like.

Thanks for your assistance.

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I have had the G-Floor diamond plate pattern in my new garage for about 15 months now. I bought three 10' x 24' rolls and put them down side by side. The only downside I have found is they eventually shrink a bit so the joints that were tight side by side now have about 3/16 - 1/4" opening between the edges. It is not real noticeable and one could pull the floor together and have tight joints again but I have three car lifts sitting on the flooring so I cannot move it easily.

Also if you have an oil or transmission leak and don't wipe it up within a few days it will leave a light brown stain when you do wipe them up. I have not been able to remove the stains but I have not tried lacquer thinner yet. I think the color from the oil seems into the vinyl and I don't think it will come off. Newer tires will also leave brown tread marks but they do that on epoxy floors also.

All said and done I really like my installation because I was covering a 50 year old slab from a previous garage that had begun to spall plus adding a new concrete slab next to it. This way one cannot tell where the old is and the new begins. It is very easy to sweep, vacuum or mop depending on how much dirt and dust gets in your garage. If you don't have any thing sitting on top of the vinyl you can drag them outside, wash them and then put them back in place.

The vinyl lays very flat naturally. We sprayed rubber cement six inches on either side of the joints and then jammed the edges together to a tight joint and rolled the vinyl. I don't think the rubber cement is necessary because on one edge joint we did not spray cement and it lays perfectly flat today. Let me know if you have more questions and we can talk further.

Chuck Nixon



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I don't think any floor mats or covering in my work area would work well. There are many things that pose a threat to my vehicles that I don't think are good for floor coverings.

#1 Oil and gas,

#2 floor jacks,

#3 paint & lacquer thinner,

#4 Welder waste,

#5 Floor coverings trap water,

#6 mildew beneath,

#7 Odors.

#8 Fire hazard

I do like them along the walking area by my main work bench for the benefit of my legs and back, but the rest of the area I like concrete with a surface sealer treatment to make it easier to clean up #1-#7.

In the areas where the finished cars are parked and I only do light maintenance I love a 4' wide strip of carpet between the cars to pick up all the junk that finds it's way onto the floor or my shoes before it get tracked into the cars. The carpet is recycled from the house to the carriage house before a trip to the dump. It's our personal re-cycling program. If you have no need to replace your house carpet, get a carpet installer to save you some 4' rolls from another clean job site.

While not for everyone, it works for me.

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One of my assembly bays has wall to wall carpeting. it's really nice. The other is bare and work between them accordingly when assembling cars. When you spend every day for a month on your hands and knees under and around the lower half of a car while it is up on stands assembling it; it sure is nice having the carpet.

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Guest zogo12

I think it really depends on the type of surface you are trying to cover. I have multiple spaces, and each has a different flooring because of the condition of the floor. In one of my old floors like Chuck Nixons (70yrs+) I put down the 3x5 rubber mats that you get a TCS. Been really happy with them. Another garage about 30 yrs old, the floor looked bad but was in great shape. I had an professional epoxy system installed, and it worked great. I new shop I build 2 years ago, I polished the floors and have been real happy with them. Depends on the condition of the floor, and what you will be doing in that space.

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