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Part Compatibility Question

Guest shadetree77

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Guest shadetree77

Man, I really need to get my hands on some of those parts books.....until I do:D, does anyone know if the rear view mirror from a 51 Roadmaster will fit a 52 Special?


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I don't claim to know anything about the exact interchangability, but during that time we used to put the anti-glare ones from Cadillac on our Chevy's.

The mirror has a flatted shaft with a hole and that would slip into any GM bracket.

You can mix and match brackets and mirrors from that time period.

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I just dug into my Master Body Parts catalog effective 1-1-53, Shadetree, and the short answer to your question is yes and no.

The year is not an issue nor is the series, it is the model that makes a difference due to the bracket.

For sedans and wagons, the part number is 4576415.

For Riviera hardtops and convertibles with radio, the part number is 4591102.

For Riviera hardtops and convertibles without radio, the part number is 4591103.

All of the above applies to 1950 through 1952.

The one exception is the 1951 and 1952 Special Riviera Coupe. If that particular model has a radio, the part number is 4593519. If there was no radio, the number was 4593520.

So, if you are looking for the whole assembly, you should be able to interchange a Roadmaster sedan with a Special sedan but the bracket wouldn't work if you were taking it from a Roadmaster Riviera to a Special sedan, for example, and the Special Riviera would have to be interchanged with a similar model.

Hope this helps.

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