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Couple questions. I am going to re-wire my 46 and had a couple of questions before I start. The headlights and turn signal lights in the grill goto a connector bar before the go to the lamps. Does anyone know the proper name for this three screw bar, or know where I can get new ones? Also, the under the hood light is wired into the horn relay and I am not 100% sure this is proper. Does anyone know what the service light should be wired into. Thanks

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It could be referred to as a "junction block" and it may be hard to find an authentic new one. They were probably used on Pontiacs for many years though and generic aftermarket replacements may be available, if we are talking about the part I think it is. Maybe post a photo?

That hood light to the horn relay definitely does not seem right. 1950s Pontiacs often had plugs for accessories on the side of the fuse block, you might take a look. Good luck, Todd

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