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1989 16V Chrysler TC for sale 60k miles all original


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tom kordosky

garfield, nj 07026

please pm me if interested

looking to move my running driving project that i've been collecting all original parts for and restoring since i think about 4 years ago. original burgundy/ginger/black top car with wood grain accents would be a daily driver given about 24hrs worth of labor by a shade tree mechanic such as myself. 1 of 501 16V 5spd TCs.comes with original gold plate with number it was and who made for. this is an early 89 car, has the non-commonblock 16V motor. i have all the parts to complete less brake pads and rotors front and rear which are like a total of maybe 100$. lots of extras, 97% rust free (small surface rust spot on the rocker toward the front of the car beneath the stainless trim. starts and runs and moves even. i replaced the whole interior last summer with original leather from salvage car, the picture posted was prior to being all removed and replaced. i have complete uncracked proper color bumper for the rear, has one with a crack in on it and hood with no dents correct color as one on car has a ding. i dont have an original egg carton hood liner. comes complete with everything but the original window stick and possibly press release stuff. this is an unmolested car. really wish i had a garage to pull it in and cover it til i can get around to finishing it, the paint is taking a beating on the trunk lid area. does need a new muffler, i dont have one for it. extra parts include big ticket items like extra working 284 trans with shift cables, complete black interior in good shape, cometic HG, exhaust and intake mani gaskets( custom made), custom made magnecore spark plug wire set, nos 16v specific belt (close to none available), new timing belt tenisioner, nos front license plate bracket ($$$), extra burl wood shift knob, Fidanza 16V adjustable cam gears set (group buy - specially made), extra set of 16v intercooled badges and it has the original umbella and tool kit. comes with set of specific known good front axles along with ones in car that need rebooting (rubber boots collapsed). has original rolling hard top holder also. total price is more than fair for what you are getting along with car. will throw in a california specific smec also from my 90 TC 16v i parted out (rare). I amassed soo many parts new and used and nos to finish this up and even if i do il probably never drive it.






asking 7K$

can post pics or email for serious buyers.

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