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National first Prize Question

Dennis in CT

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This may be a stupid question so please forgive me in advance. I showed my car at Hershey and while I could not stay for the awards banquet, I was pleased to receive a "National First Prize" plaque in the mail. I never entered one of my cars before, and wondered if there is a difference between National First Prize and First Junior, or are they one in the same?

Along the same line, there were three other cars in my class. According to the meet results, there are thee firsts and one second in our class. Can I assume we were not competing against each other and were awarded the firsts bases on points? Doesn't really matter either way, just trying to understand how it works. Thanks

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Yes, that is a "First Junior". In future meets, your car would compete for a "Senior". Any car that had enough points for a first and scored within 10 points of the highest point car would tie for First. That is how multiple cars can each receive a First Junior in the same class at the same meet.

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