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R-134 from R-12


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I normally tend to judge pre-war cars, so I might not be the best judge to answer your question. In any case, I will take a stab at answering your question. Based on my review of the judging guidelines, there is no exception, so it is a potential source of deduction. I would not personally worry about it too much.

My original unrestored 1976 Ford Country Squire has also been converted to R134. That is about the only change from original. On that car, the original caps over the valves were metal, the caps on the conversion kit are plastic. If I were going to show that car, I would probably paint the caps with a metallic appearing paint. There is a good chance that the judges would not notice the conversion. If they did, there is the potential for a small deduction. My personal opinion would be that it might get a deduction of a point or two. My mechanic insisted on converting it rather than trying to work with the R12, and the cool air is more important to me than a potential deduction.

I am sure that there are other opinions out there, but for what it is worth, that is my opinion.

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I took the online course for epa certification to handle automotive Freon. it easy to be legal, the course goes into a lot of detail about the conversion of the ends for different freons, and lube oils, from synthetic to various mineral oil. It about the right end and seals, also the R12 hose are more pourace and R134 is more pron to leaking.

I would thing you could make up some metal cap it you worked at it. Packard for one use different compressor for the same year it the 40-42 vintage, i believe it be hard to argue about which were correct.

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The fittings typically a one way trip with a barb type clip attached to the valve.

That may be true, but it does not effect the internal thread of the fitting which accepts the valve that seals the freon fitting. The conversion may ruin the external thread, but there are adhesives that could be hidden to keep the old valve caps attached. Wouldn't you agree?


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the problem without changing the valves you need differnt connection for the charge hose, unless you make adapter hoses up, there R-12, R134, Freeze 12, and several other different valve combinations, but it you find filler that make it work, you might have to have R-12 connection on your gauge set. My gauges are modern set so it has R-134 fitting to hook to the compressor and fill cans. Jiffy Lube fills R12 for $60 a pound as I recall, and the a modern system only take 2-3 pounds, maybe a little more for our early R-12 setup with trunk units.

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