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"60 Electra at the Alumni Ball


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Guest Straight eight

What a bee-u-t-full machine! How could you leave it unattended? Was it damaged by a

vandal that was jealous that he didn't have a nice car, so he spoiled yours?

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Pretty safe; it was a black tie affair. I found a few fingerprints on the driver's side window stainless.

I left all four windows down to show off the four door hardtop lines. There were no stations or ropes. And I drove it home in the rain.

The car goes to a lot of places the uniqueness is that it is not iconic like a '57 Chevy, although it has quite a presence. And most people have a story about one they had, their parents had, or just wistfully remember "the Buick". They relate really well to the car with a memory that makes it attainable.

Oh, I just remembered. In 2003 in Flint we stayed at a motel across town from the meet. We were cautioned to use the outer loop and avoid downtown at night. It was a hot summer night, all four windows down, and cruising through Flint. Lots of thumbs up and a friendly chat at each light. Maybe the Flintites thought I was Archie Bunker visiting town. We sure had a good time.

I like that.


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