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Still needed (2) 525X550X17 Tires

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Well, I hope everyone had a good time at Hershey. Wish I had been able to go but had to miss it this year. :mad: Maybe i can make it next year.

I can still use 2 5.25X5.50X17 black wall tires for my 36 Chevy. I found two good NOS ones here on the Forum that are Kelly and need two more to have four good ones on the ground. They don't have to be brand new but need to have some good life left in them. This is not a show car but I will be driving it maybe 150 or 200 mile trips to local shows or just for country rides.

I guess I could take WW and turn them in if that's all I can find. We used to do that back in the day.


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