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Tail Pipe Dia: '54 Super

Fr. Buick

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What is the proper OD for the tail pipe for my '54 Super?

I picked up a NORS muffler and NORS pipes from different sources.

The front pipe, between the Y-pipe and muffler, is 2.5 inches and fits fine.

The tail pipe that I was sent is only 2 inches, but the outlet on the muffler seems to want a 2.25.

The old system on the car now is all cobbled together, so I have no idea what is correct.

So, Buick fans, do I need a 2-inch or 2.25 for my tailpipe? I like the bigger dia., but that means having my muffler guy fab something new.

Thanks for any help...

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J.C. Whitney and Warshawsky back in the 1950's-1960's used to advertise "reducers" or "step-ups" to change pipe sizing from 2" up to 2.5" or versa vice from 2.5" down to 2". Haven't seen a J.C. Whitney or Warshawsky catalog in years. Are they still in business?

I'm sure there are AutoZone, NAPA, or other stores that sell these for a couple of bucks.

Good luck and God Bless!

Al Mack

"A lot of miles from Heaven" :)

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Well, here in Norway the Big series Super and Roadmaster takes a 2 1/4" tailpipe and the smaller series 2" in 1954. The mufflers have different part number, the clamp and the hanger also. The mufflers often had a outlet that could be cut off for model adaptability (Buick parts product info Bulletin 62-1, according to parts catalog March 1, 1962).

Tom P

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