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Early Mercer carb


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Anyone hear about the the early Mercer carb that was found at the Homer Edmiston estate sale in Neb. on Oct. 2? I saw the carb, and heard the story, but did not get a chance to talk to the buyer. Must have been like finding a gold nugget in the sand.

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I know nothing about Mercer's, but while standing at the one cylinder Cadillac table a bidder walked up with a large brass carb in his hand and told the fellow across the table from me that he had just purchased an early Mercer runabout carb and was extremely happy about his find. Naturally this attracted the attention of the people around the table and he explained how this was an extremely rare find. Hundreds of carbs, (pre 1915) sold in a matter of minutes mostly by lot rather than individually. I did not see the make on the carb, but the raised marking on the back side said "locomotive".

There again, not knowing Mercer's I thought I would ask if anyone knew about the find.

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