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1986 Park Ave Convert Project


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The little convertible is getting close to coming home. I am pretty sure I will write an article on restoration/refurbishing these cars when the job is done.

One thing future collectors need to know about these cars is that written documentation for replacement parts is almost nonexistent. Everything seems to be in digital data bases. My nephew and I believe that the data was entered around 10 years after the cars were built and their validity is questionable. The data entry person may have hit their head on the desk a few times dozing off on these. No source can be trusted to send the correct parts. We are leaning toward buying our parts from Rock Auto.

The car is reassembled now. The subframe was out, engine placed with a rebuilt long block, transmission rebuilt by Continental Transmission in Buffalo (good guys), and a lot of parts transferred over.

We did it all with that clamshell hood on the car. Until the timing chain cover had to come off to track down a low oil pressure problem. The hood was in the way for elbow room. The oil pressure was low due to a slightly incorrect timing chain cover gasket that restricted an oil passage. That is fixed and 50 PSI is showing now.

We canceled the front end alignment scheduled for today and taking a little more time.

It runs and moves again! Here is a most recent pic. Notice this is an upscale shop; TWO SnapOn fender covers.


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My nephew delivered the Park Ave on Thanks Giving Day. It seemed like the car had been gone for a year. There was enough sunshine for driving on Friday. Warm and cloudy today so I ran it through town, testing and doing a shake down cruise. I am pretty happy with the results.

I have more detailing to do, just fussy little things. Here's how she looks in the back yard:




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Guest my3buicks

That is going to be a great cruiser for you, modern enough to be comfortable in traffic and traveling, unique enough to stand out in a crowd, and fuel efficient to boot.

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Hi John, I had fiddled with the top during the summer and made friends with it. the boot is even easy to get on.

I thought it was a one of a kind until three days ago when a red one showed up in Ontario. I gotta settle for one in the US. :)

I figured it represented a future collectible because of the fuel mileage. A few years ago I went to a Buffalo Cadillac meet and a guy was there with a V-12 from about 50 miles away. I bet he paid around $75 -$100 for gas just to bring his car to the show.

Here's my dilemma dujour. I am planning to attend the Buick Nationals this year. I can take the '60 Electra or the '86 Park Ave. The '86 left the dealership new with the conversion complete. Will the car be in class N ('67-2000 B,C, H bodies)? Or MOD?


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