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Hudson greater eight

Guest Juergen

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Guest Juergen


my name is Juergen I am from germany and like the US-prewarcars of the depression era. I own two Buicks (1930, 1933) and a 1931 chevy cabriolet.

Now I am going to purchase a 1932 Hudson greater eight. This make is in germany not well known. I must have connections to US-enthusiasts. For Buick and chevy it is no problem. My question is: Does for this model supplier for parts existe ? Can I find ignition, -brake -front axle parts if necessary ?

I would be very pleased if someone could tell me something about the Greater Eight, is it reliable a good driver...? The car I am looking for is a 5 year old nut and bolt restoration I hope I dont need anything,...but who knows...

Every information is appreciated

Regards from germany


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You may also wish to list some of your questions at the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club's forum, which is located at http://classiccar.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=showcat&catid=13&Itemid=129 . I am sure that some of the members there, can answer your questions. If your car was restored 5 years ago it will probably not be in need of repair -- for awhile! Don't forget that the clutch requires a periodic change of "Hudsonite" clutch oil.

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