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1941 Super Wheel Alignment

Guest LarryB

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I just embarked on replacing my entire brake system (master cylinder to front disc brake conversion kit). While I'm pulling everything off, I decided to do a front end replacement (upper and low control arm pins, king pins and tie rods).

I'm photographing, measuring and counting threads. Any suggestions on how to do a front wheel alignment?

Any suggestions on other items to restore (like the steering column bracket)?

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Guest Grant Magrath


You could recondition your steering box by replacing the pitman shaft bushing and fitting a new pitman shaft seal plus new bearings. Also, replace the steering mast jacket bearings and check the worm and roller for wear. Set the backlash when it's all back together, and you should be good to go.

If you get your alignment "in the ballpark", you could whip it over to the local alignment shop to get them to finish it off for you.



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