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1st gen parts car F/S in OKC, OK


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Who wants to buy this and let me have the windshield?

1963 1964 Buick Riviera

I could use that plastic thing in front of the front turn signal, and ...

Anyway, it's there if someone is close and needs parts! I'm 2 hours away so I can't do a visual on it for someone, unfortunately.

I wonder how bad the bumpers and other trim are. I wish it were in Tulsa so I could take a gander at it.

EDIT: I called the gentleman and the windshield has cracks. Dagnabbit.


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Looked at this one last night when I got back to town. Phone number he posted on Wednesday was wrong, so it took me a while to track him down. It is a 64. No title. Tapped in the right front, left rear, right rear, and left door. Couldn't see any obvious rust, but didn't look at the floors. Rockers, quarters, and lower fenders look good from a rust perspective. Left door skin and right quarter in front of the wheel are hit and creased pretty hard. Door skin won't save. Quarter might, but will take a lot of work. Standard interior. Car is in Tuttle, OK, about 45 minutes SW of downtown OKC. Still some good parts for the price, but absolutely a parts car.

PS. Last 4 of the phone should be 3274.

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