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One of the Main Reasons I Tour~ AACA Style!

R W Burgess

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Just found this on Yahoo News. I found it interesting to see two areas that I have seen on AACA Tours of the past. See more of mine below.......

America's Most Iconic Drives

1. Hill Country in the Texas Sentimental Tour

2. Wally's Garage-Mayberry, NC ( that's our '32 Ford pickup, since sold to a local down there)

3. Sorry a Meet-Grand National Meet-Santa Rosa. Ok, so we took a side trip through San Francisco and "found" a special store in the Haight Ashbury District. :) (Good thing I didn't "find" this one back in '68 while I enjoyed(?) my free trip via Uncle Sam. I probably would have never come back home.:D)

4. Might as well add Fishersman Wharf, while in San Fran! By the way, we found a side street in that town that Gloria swore was the street that the movie "Bullet" was made on. It did not photgraph well. We were either looking at the sky while going up, or the road, seemingly a hill straight up! Gloria giggles real cool when Wayne drives fast on streets like these!!:D

5. ....following John and Fran Shore on the Vintage Tour somewhere near Williamsport, Pa near a neat old country farm barn.

6. Following a 50's Cadillac somewhere near Lake Mary, Florida

What a year that Gloria, and even Mike and I have had this year in the AACA world. It's fun. Skip the beach trip in 2012 and take a "Vacation" with the AACA!!!!








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Hey Wayne,

Nice shot of cousin Ron & Linda Backer's '58 Eldorado Brougham convertible on the Founders Tour.

You first met them when they were in the red '57 Bel-air convertible on the Sentimental Tour in Kerrville.

1. Wayne Burgess on 2011 Florida's Founders Tour, doing what he does so well.

2. Ron & Linda Backer - owners of the '58 ElDorado convertible.

3. Two Cadillacs on the beach at Daytona - Ron's '58 with our '54.

4. Dena & Tom Holt who worked hard to make the 2011 Founders Tour so great.

5. Joannie & Mike Huffmann in their Boat-tailed Auburn on Founders - they toured this car Coast-to-Coast, and Border-to-Border this year.

6 - 9. Some of the cars we saw on tour in Maine at the Seal Cove Museum near Bar Harbor while touring.

10. Dave & Alice Oberender, Marty & Dale Roth, Charlie & Ardie Froehlich savoring another day of touring on 2011 Florida Founders Tour











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I know it wasn't, but that first picture looks like it could have been taken on one of those old three lane concrete highways with a suicide lane in the center. Pretty neat.

Steve, it was taken just southwest of Kerrville Tx, a town called Leaky, Texas, as we were enroute to our lunch stop. That was the day that I lost Verizon cell service for most of the day. AT&T decided not to share their towers in that area.:)

See more info here.. http://forums.aaca.org/f213/sentimental-tour-touring-texas-279380.html

Marty, that picture of me should state..."Hold mouth just right to steady the camera, Wayne!" :rolleyes:


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Ah - touring is not a spectator sport! (says that on my Buzzy shirt!).

There are so many pics to choose from but here are a few - First is a bunch of Buzzy members enjoying a night out while on the Glidden Tour. Next is a pic I'll always treasure from the Reliability Tour in Thomasville Georgia -riding in Greg Tocketts 1911 Cadillac on a dirt road - touring the way it originally was! This was a special event - next pic is me with chairman Steve Gordon and HCCA President Frank Hurley. It was at this event that we sat down and formed the "Brass Car Committee" to help ensure the future of club cooperation to preserve the brass car heritage and keep great touring opportunities alive. Last pic is a bunch of hungry AACA members on the Buffalo NY Tour last year, anxiously lining up for lunch and a cruise down the Erie Canal. I usually get lots of folks in my pics because that's what this hobby is all about. I've got zillions of pics and will share a few more later.

Happy Touring!


Oh- by the way, thanks to Wayne for helping haul an antique table home from the Texas tour. It wouldn't fit into the airplane!





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