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Fog light bulbs...


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I shop at the pick and pull.

Just look at the front side marker of almost any Cadillac in the late '90's to early 2000's and they are right there [#10 torx I think]. Or any '90s Pontiac Bonneville fog light [no tools needed]. No bending over/minimal work. Cut out and take a lamp pigtail when you find the cars, grab a bunch of bulbs, then test them on the used car batteries [using that pigtail] they sell at the counter. Pay for what works, throw away what doesn't. Cost? about 50 cents each or spend $6-8.00 each for new in the store.

I have about 8-10 extra and haven't replaced one since I put them in [to replace a burned out bulb]. And if you are at the pick and pull and have pulled other "bigger" stuff they don't even charge you for the bulb, they are like a "throw in."

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