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'24 DB fan pulley

Steve Suttle

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You can remove the pulley without removing the radiator. If the pin holding the pulley to the shaft can be knocked out easily then you can simply tap the pulley towards the radiator and off the shaft. There is enough room to do this. The problem with it is that after so many years the pin and pulley will have almost welded itself to the shaft due to gunk and rust buildup and would require some heavy pounding to drive the pin out and to knock the pulley off the shaft.

This action could cause you to spring the shaft or in other words damage it! When I first removed the pulley from my car I had to take the radiator out and remove the the pulley with the shaft still attached. You need the room to do this. Now, after the restoration of these parts, I can remove just the pulley as needed. You could try soaking the area with a penetrating oil over night to loosen things up. Then give it a go but proceed with caution. I would recommend going the safer route and remove the radiator first. It is not that difficult. Good Luck!

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Interesting. I was unable to slide the pulley off on my 24 coupe. It hit the radiator. I have also never had one that needed replaced ever be tight on the shaft. They all have been flopping on the shaft, and if they weren't they didn't need removed. Now that I think about it, I wonder if how the radiator was adjusted fore and aft had something to do with that.

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Thanks for the replies.

The moron who installed this particular fan pulley did not use a pin.

No, he opted for the ever-popular 10d nail, peened over.

Needless to say, it came right out with a pair of pliers.

So, what I have now is the remnant of the pulley (it shattered in 3 pieces)

which is just the hub on the end of the shaft.

Can I knock that forward without "springing" the shaft?

I don't really know what "springing" means.

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Mission accomplished.

The old pulley slid off the shaft after a light tap with a screwdriver and a small hammer. The new one slipped on after a minor filing of the woodruff key (it was just a bit too tall to accommodate the slot in the new pulley) and a gentle tap from the front with a small, soft mallet.

I got lucky because of the improper use of a nail instead of a spring pin by the previous "mechanic." I would imagine a properly installed pin would be hard to remove.

Works fine. And I didn't have to pull the radiator which is as said here not that difficult, but it is a rather messy job.

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Thanks to Bill and Ray for following The Saga of the Fan Pulley-2011.

My wife says I employed a mechanic's skill I don't often use - PATIENCE.

As for the nail, it and the shattered fan pulley are in my box of mechanical-failure treasurers along with a broken intake valve from a Land Rover,

a Model T piston that blew apart on a tour, and various other breakdown souvenirs.

I used a spring pin off the shelf from Auto Zone instead of a new nail. It easily tapped in with repeated gentle nudges from a punch and small hammer. Everything is tight and secure.

This DB adventure has been something, but you DB club guys are a great resource. I'm glad I joined.

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