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Guest 1929Chandler

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Guest 1929Chandler

Hi everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that there is a 1929 Chandler Sedan barn find for sale on Ebay. Been in barn since 1941. Sale goes off this sunday. I had bid up to $3,000 but it is now $5,500. Hope we can keep it in our Chandler Club.

Roger Chandler

Chandler-Cleveland Club Newsletter Editor

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Below the leather boot is a hard line to provide oil from the "One-Shot" chassis oiler. Chandler did not have juice brakes, but did offer vacuum boost brakes as an added option which this car should have though I could not find evidence of the unit or the vacuum line of the intake on this car. Rare option and was supposed to triple the force of the brake pedal. I have a restored one on our Chandler that is very patiently waiting to be put back into service.

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I am a new member to the forum, And would like to inform that I

am the purchaser of the 1929 Chandler 75 sedan that was on Ebay.

I was able to get it through a second chance offer, and got it for

$7,500 US, I am a newly joined member of the AACA and the

Chandler-Cleveland club . I am also the owner of a 65% complete

1929 Chandler 75 royal sedan and a unrestored 1925 Elcar 8-80

Tourer. My Chandler is a right hand drive / six wire wheel equipped

version and has had some restoration done on it buy a past owner

( gearbox/diff/some engine/chassie rebuilt ) and I intend to use it as

my parts car for the Chandler I have brought on Ebay , I will probably

convert the Ebay Chandler to right hand drive and six wire wheel exp

as my parts car is. My 1925 Elcar is about 75% complete and is the last

8-80 tourer remaining in world that I know of , It came from the Goulburn

area of New South Wales here in Australia and was lying in a creek for

many years before its remains where found, my parts Chandler was found

lying on a farm in Northern Victoria , I am including some photos of my

parts Chandler and my Elcar at the moment and a picture of my Elcar

when it was last driven in the 1950s, Hope to get the Ebay Chandler

shipped to Australia at the start of next year , and will post photos of

it when it gets here. also I appear to have some 85 series Chandler

sedan body parts with my parts Chandler (a front cowl and two front doors)

, Can any Chandler experts tell if they are a 85s , if so I will offer them to

any 85 owner that needs them, I am new to Chandlers and Elcars and

am trying to learn all I can about my cars and would love to contact

any other Chandler/Elcar owners/restorers.

Cheers for now









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Dear Tassie 1,

Welcome to the AACA Forums and Congratulations on getting the 1929 Chandler. Nice to see photos of your Elcar, too. My Grandfather traded a Travel Air biplane for an Elcar about 1927 or 28, and had it until 1990. It was a 1926 cabriolet with a Lycoming 8.

Great to hear from someone from Tasmania on the AACA Forums. It may be a first! I understand that there is a very well-organized antique car club there( VCCA-TAS, I believe). For two years, I've been trying to find more information on a 1926 Peerless in Tasmania --- last photographed at an international rallye circa 1993.


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Welcome to the club Tassie. Your eBay Chandler is a real find. If I only had the room I would have been a bidder on it too. PLEASE, please document as much as you can on the car when it arrives. These cars are so rare and one that has sat as long as that car is such a treasure of information. I've got some information on these cars and will be happy to help where I can. Send me a private message when you get the car if you would like me to add your Chandler cars to the Chandler Registry.

I am sure the Chandler Club would love you to write up a small story on your new find if you are so inclined :-)

BTW in the third picture on the cowl in the background you have a Kingston Vacuum Tank for the fuel on a 1929 Chandler these are pretty rare and were used on Chandler cars for only the last year of 1929. Again I have more info on these I can provide.

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I need a little help identifyig if the front wheels are on correctly on a 1929 Chandler. Can you help?

Hello Armstrong , Sorry for the late reply , I dont know if you have the 1929 Chandler Wire wheels or Wooden wheels but here are some photos of

my Chandlers wire and wood wheels , Plus some others I have found , Hope it is of some help to you .post-80599-143141717353_thumb.jpg





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