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BODY or part's of 1917 REO 7 passenger touring

Guest lwk442

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Looking for and body part's from engine cowel back. Have to make wife happy by next year. I have all frame and running gear just 2078 mile's on the OD. may be true. motor look's too clean. So if anybody out their may have body part's or somthing I can make a pattern and cast a all aluminum body at my foundry please contact me at my work email. lwk442 with headder 1917 REO.

to much junk mail but I have to leave filter's off so my customer's can get 24/7

access to me.

Thank you in advance to every one out their!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( Larry

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Yes that lady is awsome! she sent me all kind of info on the 1917 REO I am in the REO club

and their is a lot of wisdom among it's many member's. It's just going to take time. And between my back troubles and work ( being a little crazy right now ) it may be a bit longer

But with the help of everyone on this forum and the REO club I will get it done!

Thank's for you help!

Thant's what is great about this forum every body is willing to help ANYONE in any way

to get their great classic done and driving to showes. Plus making DREAM'S come true.


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