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Would someone happen to know what the plastic part that bolts on top of the throttle body adapter (in between the intake and the throttle body) it has 4 hose coming out of it

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This should be a common part on 3800 V6 engines ........ you can get one at your local pick-n-pull.

Barney, thanks for the parts recommendation. I guess I am going to have to send my antenna repair referals to the guy who keeps saying there are four green convertibles out there. :)

I do have a good vacuum block available and can be reached at jfinn@cpinternet.com

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Guest steveskyhawk

Jim and all,

"I was very fortunate to spend the entire afternoon yesterday with Tony Alberto.

Tony was the chief engineer and troubleshooter on the Reatta project, and worked at the Craft Centre from day one, all the way from the Reatta to the EV1, Cavalier and Sunfire convertibles, the Chevrolet SSR, and the final years of the Eldorado before he retired"

Tony Alberto was the one that confirmed the existence of 4 Polo Green 1991 Reatta Convertibles and provided detailed information about the MSU Green Convertible. I believe he is retired and doesn't sell replacement antennas.

I do however have replacement antennas for Reatta, Riviera and Allante in my ebay store. (Link below in my signature)

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