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No back penalties for old cars in California

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I just went through this today. The clerk insisted I had to pay 3 years of back registration and penalties. I showed him this paper and then he said "No, it has to be a historical vehicle and have historical plates." He wasn't budging. 


I then asked to talk to the manager and we went over the first sentence: "Planned nonoperation (PNO) requirements DO NOT apply to historical interest AND special interest vehicles. I told him I wasn't claiming it as a historical  vehicle (though it could be). I was claiming it was a "Special Interest" vehicle. It only has to be one, not both. And so we finally agreed and he typed in the proper keystrokes on the computer to wipe out the back fees.


Anyway, this document is no longer on the DMV website and so I am attaching it here. It looks a lot more official than trying to copy and paste internet text. Good luck!




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