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Who can restore my bumpers (36 Buick)

Guest BJM

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I just got my 36 Roadmaster delivered on Sunday. It has both the front and rear bumpers. I was not aware how "minimal" these 30's bumpers are. I would not think they helped much on a high speed hit!

I need a recommendation on who can restore these? (straighten/rechrome)

Any suggestions?

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There is a thread on Tri-city chrome on this forum from a couple of weeks ago. Take a look at that and see if it meets your needs.


Thanks for the tip.

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I gave mine to Tri-city two weeks ago. They said it would be done in 4weeks, do you want me to give my opinion when I get them back?

Absolutely! What year is your car? I think the 20's Buick bumpers were thicker and stronger then these 36 Buick ones. Pretty flimsy.

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