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More 39 Buick questions...


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First: what is the original 15" tire size for a 39 Buick Century?

next: what is the right whitewall tire width?

next: has anyone ever replaced the headlight bulbs with halogens and kept the original lenses and reflectors (converting to 12 volt)

Last: how tall are the original tires?


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Rim size was 15"x5.5", tyre size was 15"x7.00" 4 ply.

White walls are the subject of some discussion but I'd say 3-4" is about correct. I'm not sure that there was a standard on this. Each manufacturer probably did his own thing.

I know of halogen lights being used in a '39 with a 12v system. It took a little fidgeting around but they worked fine. You just have to have the electrics to keep up with them.


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