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(3) 1936 Buick Hubcaps


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I bought a set of wheels a few years ago, and they came with these 3 hubcaps.

The wheels went on an Olds, so these got shelved, and I just rediscovered them.

I do not need them, perhaps there is somebody out there who can use them.

They have numerous dings & dents, but are pretty shiny.

I believe they are from a 1936 Buick.

Make me any reasonable offer + shipping.







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I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out just what year these were correct for, and I found a picture of a 1936 Buick Special with what looked to be these style caps on it.

Perhaps they were...are...for Specials only...I do not know.

There is one on eBay now, with a Buy-it-Now of $25, which would complete the set...it looks like it would match my 3!!

Similar condition...but pricey!!

I would almost give these away, I truly don't want to trash them!!

But, gotta clean up here!

I am sure you know what I mean. Mike

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