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Need a new computer (SBEC)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been trying to find the part (thanks Pizzaman for the number)... still no luck. I have ordered from 3 different places now (including autozone) and find out several days to a week later that it is no longer stocked...

anyone have any suggestions where to find these...? See some in ebay but for a newyorker 3.8... says it's compatiable but just dont trust it...

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The "gel" you see on the circuit board is "potting compound", which is an anti-corrosion sealant coating. NOT "user serviceable".

If the car has California emissions, there should be either a separate tag (as mentioned) OR it's on the basic emissions system decal itself . . . in a size of lettering that is easily visible.

In many cases, even for GM vehicles, there are no "reman" units in stock anywhere (rather than as we might expect). The auto supplies and such can take your unit and send it to a reman facility (which might well be the ASE place you found). They'll repair YOUR unit, or a like core they might have, then return the computer to you. Turn-around time can be up to two weeks. Doesn't matter if you use AutoZone, OReilly's, RockAuto, or whomever, they'll just collect your unit and send it off.

If you've replaced the distributor, what driveability issues are stil there??? Are you using a factory Chrysler manual for troubleshooting/diagnostics??? Or just "chunking parts" at it?

On some Chrysler products, replacement computers need to be "flashed" so they know which vehicle they are in. I'm not sure if your TC is that way or not. "Flashing" of the computer is a dealership operation, as I understand it.

Just curious,


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Thanks NTX5467... sent the computer off for repairs... the found some capacitors leaking and replaced them.. yes you would need to reflash.. but since I used my exising one I think I get away from that (also gave them mileage and vin values). I did get a new code 11 when I put in the fixed SBEC... points to IGN Reference Signal (Distributor). I did replace this already, but with an autozone one... so maybe it just is not up to par... trying that next, return my new distributor and get another one.

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Sounds like you may have already solved your computer issue, but in case you haven't let me know. I have a good used (tested) SBEC out of a 91 TC. (in fact, I have them for each of the following in stock)

89 Turbo II - auto trans

89 16v - 5spd

90 16v - 5spd

90 V6 - auto

91 V6 - auto

I also have performance controllers for the Turbo II and 16v engines and throttle body upgrades and other nice upgrades for the V6 as well.

My email:




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