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1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

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This car was removed from a restoration shop due to a bankruptcy. There is a link below to about 250 pictures that I took as we unpacked!!

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</nobr></td> </tr> </tbody></table> Greetings to All!!

I have spent the entire day unpacking and photographing all of the stuff that came with LSTB148. There are 232 photographs in the album below. I took them as we unloaded and unpacked/unwrapped, so there is no order. It appears that it is all, or at least 99%, here.

Someone spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to get this car to where it is. You all can't even imagine what it would cost to do the chrome plating, let alone getting the body to where it is. AND, lets not forget what has been done to the engine/transmission, along with the detail in the engine compartment. This will be a BARGAIN to the right person(Just ask TIM)!!!

All that I can say is....... INCREDIBLE!!!!!

This is a TREASURE that has just been uncovered. Anyone that has dreamed of doing a Cloud project, but can't find the "Right" car, here is your golden opportunity!!!!! Looks to be a very sound/solid example that was VERY nice to start with!! Car lived in Oregon most of it's life, and I have several registration cards documenting this. Original Handbook is included. Best of all...a US Spec LHD car with Factory refrigeration!!!

From what I can see, the work that has been done was to a very high standard. As mentioned above 2 of us spent the ENTIRE day unpacking. I tried to take a LOT of detailed photographs of everything that we have. What you see is what you get!!! As everything has been boxed, there will be no more photos provided. IF I HAVE TIME, I plan to try and put the car on my lift to take underneath photos, but No promises!!! Inspections are welcome and encouraged. Price is $37,500.00 FIRM!!!! Title is free and clear. This is a Wonderful opportunity!! You COULD NOT get here for this amount of money...even if the car was FREE(I just did a 54 Skylark, and spent $20K on Chrome, and $20K on Body/Paint, not to mention the $10K on interior)!!!!

I will be glad to answer any questions anytime!


Here are the outside pics


steve apter


724.325.0000 office

412.638.2647 cell


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